Hello! This page will serve as a guideline for concert bands that are found at Park and Terrill Middle Schools. Both middle school offer a comprehensive instrumental music program for students in grades 5-8. In addition to being a member of the concert band the students are given a once a week lesson with their band teacher. During this lesson concepts such as dynamics, accuracy of notes, articulations, rhythmic accuracy, and tempo control are developed and enhanced. The bands are featured at their winter and spring concerts as well as festivals and special performances community wide.
PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL Band 5&6 Director - Mr. Christian Mora
TERRILL MIDDLE SCHOOL Band 5&6 Director - Mr Trey Shore
Band 5 meets twice a week during the students recess time and the director works with staff to create a lesson schedule that is easy for each student to understand. Band 5 continues the students development on their instruments from elementary school. Band 6 is a training ensemble consisting of instruments from the brass, woodwind, and percussion families. Music is selected based on the ability of the incoming fifth grade students. The emphasis is placed on beginning rehearsal techniques and developing a concert band sound. The band meets twice in a 6 day cycle for a full year.
PARK MIDDLE SCHOOL Band 7&8 Director - Mr. Nick Ellis
TERRILL MIDDLE SCHOOL Band 7&8 Director Mr. John Gillick
The grade 7 band students are part of a large concert band. They rehearse as a separate band until a scheduled performance. Then the 7th graders combine with the 8th graders to form the concert band. Emphasis is placed on developing a more rounded and balanced band. Students will play more advanced literature and have more performance demands. The band meets twice in a 6 day cycle for a full year. Band 8 is for 8th grade students who wish to further their development of playing wind and percussion instruments. At times they will combine with the 7th grade band to form a large concert band for performances. The level of the music requires the students to practice at home. The band meets twice in a 6 day cycle for a full year.
Both middle schools offer this class in order to be in one of the ensembles. A limited number of beginners may be enrolled, depending upon the instrument desired and available time. All lessons are arranged on a rotating basis so that students do not miss the same scheduled class every week. All facets of instrumental music training are emphasized. Students are expected to practice daily at home.