President - Nancy Bauer
Vice President - Jeanne Cleary

Scotch Plains
(End of term year in parenthesis)

Nancy Bauer (2016)

(908) 230-7436

Cindy Clancy (2017)

(908) 317-0581

Karen Kulikowski (2015)

(908) 889-6787

Evan Murray (2017)

(908) 754-0928

Charlotte Schirmer (2016)

(732) 396-1282

Norman “Trip” Whitehouse (2015)

(908) 889-9547

Betty Anne Woerner (2015)

(908) 654-5325


(end of term year in parenthesis)

Jeanne Cleary (2017)

(908) 889-4136

Amy Winkler (2016)

(908) 490-0627



  • The public may send e-mails to individual Board members, but as individuals, they have no authority to respond on the Board's behalf. Board members are not required to acknowledge receipt of such e-mails nor are they obliged to respond to e-mail correspondents.

  • Members of the public seeking information about the Scotch Plains-Fanwood Public Schools or Board of Education policies are advised to contact the district's webmaster.

Committee Board Assignments 2015-2016

(committee chair in blue)



N. Whitehouse, B. Woerner, C. Clancy


A. Winkler, E. Murray, B. Woerner, C. Clancy


J. Cleary, K. Kulikowski, C. Schirmer, A. Winkler


C. Clancy, C. Schirmer, E. Murray, N. Whitehouse

Strategic Planning

Not needed at this time


K. Kulikowski, A. Winkler, N. Whitehouse





SPFEA/Board Relations

B. Woerner, N. Bauer, J. Cleary


C. Clancy, A. Winkler, N. Whitehouse

Supervisors, Administrators

K. Kulikowski, N. Whitehouse, C. Schirmer

Superintendent’s Evaluation

J. Cleary, N. Whitehouse, N. Bauer





Garden State Coalition

N. Bauer

NJ School Boards Association

E. Murray

Union Co. School Boards Assoc.

A. Winkler

Union Co. Educational Services Commission

N. Whitehouse, C.Clancy (alt)

PTA Council

J. Cleary, N. Bauer

Municipal Alliance Committee (MAC)

K. Kulikowski

SP-F Shared Services

A. Winkler, C. Clancy, N. Bauer (alt)



Grievance Committees


Committee A

N. Whitehouse, B. Woerner, E. Murray

Committee B

K. Kulikowski, N. Bauer, C. Schirmer

Committee C

J. Cleary, A. Winkler, C. Clancy