• gdrive

    Backing up to Google Drive is a fabulous way to back up some or all of your data! Why?  Because:
    • We have unlimited storage because we are a Google Apps For Education district
    • It's easy to do
    • You can access your files from anywhere using any internet connected device
    • You can easily share a file or folder with a colleague with a few quick clicks
     Anxious to get started but not sure how?  Here are three sets of instructions to check out:
          If you're fairly confident but would just like a quick reference sheet, click here.
          If you'd prefer a more detailed guide (with artwork), check this out!
          If you've always wished to have a techie "in your ear" with the directions, this screencast is for you.
    As always, if you run into problems accessing your Google Drive, please put in a ticket at http://helpdesk.spfk12.org.