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    General Music (Grades PreK through 4):
    The General Music program provides opportunities for students to develop skills, knowledge, understanding, attitudes, and appreciation for their personal enjoyment, expression, and musical growth in contemporary society. The basic elements of music -- rhythm, melody, harmony, form, tone color, dynamics, and tempo -- are presented through various kinds of experiences involving singing, playing instruments, critical listening, movement, creative expression, and music reading.
    Third-grade students have the opportunity to study the recorder. Fourth-grade students have the opportunity to participate in a choir that meets weekly and presents performances throughout the year.
    Instrumental Music (Grade 4):
    The Instrumental Music program is offered to children at grade 4 on an elective basis. Weekly lessons are approximately 40 minutes in duration and reflect a wide range of instrumentation. Each school has a band that meets weekly when students are ready. Baritones and French Horns are provided by the Board of Education, while others are rented or purchased. The year culminates in a concert held in the schools each spring.

    Art Program (Grades PreK through 4):
    Students in grades 1-4 participate in weekly lessons that are a minimum of 40 minutes in duration. Kindergarten students participate in weekly lessons of 40 minutes per session. Art education is comprised of two aspects -- encouraging appreciation and developing skills. Lessons introduce students to new motor skills and build upon the Elements and Principles of Art; color, line, shape, form, texture. Many lessons also expose students to master artists, teaching students how to view, analyze and discuss what they observe. Each art lesson is designed to expose students to an element of art and encourages higher thinking skills.
    Elementary art                  4th grade
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    District Art Festival ~ May 3, 2017
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