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    General Music (Grade 5 & 6)
    General Music is offered to all fifth grade students for the entire year and includes exploratory experiences in singing, listening, performing, reading, and rhythm. Melodic percussion and rhythm instruments are used to enhance the skill of reading and performing musical notation. General Music is offered to all sixth grade students as a semester course required of all students. The course continues the study of the elements of music, such as rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, etc, while offering opportunities for the students to express themselves in the form of music. Students will compose music focusing on the various elements, while being exposed to a wide variety of musical styles. Activities are planned to continue musical growth and understanding through composition, creative thinking, and critical analysis. This course will relate to the state standards by asking students to demonstrate originality and artistic expression in the creation and performance of music, to critique and evaluate their own and others music, and to evaluate the techniques of media in the creation of music. This course is the culmination of the general music program.
    Vocal Music
    Fifth Grade Chorus - This is an elective course offered at each school to all fifth grade students.This course includes musical skills, such as but not limited to, proper vocal technique, performance strategies, and 2-part harmonic singing. The choir will have an opportunity to perform during the school year for the students and community at both the Winter and Spring Concerts.
    Sixth Grade Chorus - The grade six chorus rehearses with an emphasis placed on learning to sing two- and three-part songs in preparation for their concert performances, while continuing to develop proper vocal technique and performance strategies. Music is selected based on the ability of the students.
    Seventh Grade Chorus - The 7th grade chorus is a combination of male and female voices, both changed and unchanged. Emphasis is placed on three-part harmonic singing, developing a balanced choral sound, and developing proper vocal technique through the adolescent voice change.In addition, students will continue to improve performance strategies used at the concerts. Music is selected based on the abilities of the singers. The 7th grade chorus may be combined with other grade levels for special performances, festivals, and concerts.
    Eighth Grade Chorus - The 8th grade chorus consists of both changed and unchanged male and female voices. This course continues to cultivate the skills introduced in earlier grade levels, such as proper vocal technique and music reading, which are honed during rehearsals. In addition to the musical skills developed during middle school, students will foster leadership skills during rehearsals and performances. This chorus may also be combined with other grade levels at the discretion of the director.
    Instrumental Music
    Fifth & Sixth Grade Instrumental Concert Bands - The Instrumental program is offered to all children in fifth and sixth grade on an elective basis. Weekly lessons are approximately 30 minutes in duration, rotate throughout the school day, and reflect a wide range of instrumentation. All instrumental students are required to take one instrumental lesson per week. Each school has a fifth and sixth grade concert band that will meet twice per six day cycle. Students will be required to reach a proficient degree of musicianship to qualify for band. Opportunities for performances as individuals, small ensembles, and large groups are scheduled on a regular basis.
    Seventh & Eighth Grade Instrumental Concert Bands - The grade 7 band students are part of a large concert band. They rehearse as a separate band until a scheduled performance.Then the 7th graders combine with the 8th graders to form the concert band. Emphasis is placed on developing a more rounded and balanced band. Students will play more advanced literature and will have more performance demands.
    Jazz Band - Park Middle School and Terrill Middle School both have award winning jazz programs. The Jazz band is a highly select group of musicians taken from the seventh and eighth grade. Both bands educate students through a variety of styles in jazz. These styles include swing, latin, and pop styles. The jazz program at both middle schools meets once a week before school.  Students in the jazz band should know various scales and be working diligently on their method books.  The group includes a limited instrumentation of saxes, flutes, trombones, trumpets, and a rhythm section.  The jazz bands perform many times during the school year, and students should be willing to be present for ALL rehearsals and performances.  Students audition each year for this jazz ensemble.  The Park Jazz band is directed by Mr. Ellis and the Terrill Jazz band is directed by Mr. Gillick.
    Percussion Ensemble - The percussion ensemble at Terrill Middle School is open to all 8th grade mallet players and drummers. The ensemble meets once a week. The ensemble is under the direction of Mr. John Gillick. 
    Fifth Grade - The regular display of student work in classrooms, corridors, and local establishments provide a vehicle for communicating the individual and collective talents of our students. Art education is comprised of two aspects - encouraging appreciation and expression and developing artistic skills. The principles and elements of design, the use of tools, and exposure to art history and contemporary art are considered in a multi-level fashion.
    Sixth & Eighth Grades - The 6th and 8th grade programs are semester long courses designed as studies of color, theory, composition, and two- and three-dimensional design while exploring different media. Students will work with a wide variety of techniques and materials such as painting, drawing and three-dimensional media. Art history and contemporary art as well as art careers will be examined.
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