• 3rd Marking Period:


    Week of 03/30/20 - 04/03/20

    Monday, 3/30:

    1.  Google Reflection Form on the Online Norms is due today.   Be sure to complete and submit it!

    2.  3 Types of Rocks Google doc is due today.    Don't forget to TURN IT IN to Google Classroom. 

    Tuesday, 3/31:

    1.  Complete Rock Cycle diagram.

    Wednesday, 4/1:

    1.  Google Reflection on Rocks and the Rock Cycle is due today.  

    2.  Start your Notice and Wonder T-chart.   

    Thursday, 4/2:

    1.  Read and annotate Mt. Everest article.

    2.  Add more observations to your Notice and Wonder chart.

    3.  Add to Class Consensus Notice and Wonder chart.   

    Friday, 4/3:  

    1.  Draw an initial Model of Mt. Everest showing how it grows taller each year and moves to the northeast each year.  


    Week of 4/13/20 - 4/17/20 (End of Marking Period 3)

    Monday, 4/13:

    1.  Add to your Mt. Everest Model to show what happens when an earthquake occurs.   

    Tuesday, 4/14:

    1.  Look at peer Models of Mt. Everest and revise your own if needed.  Submit your Mt. Everest model for grading.

    2.  Complete Google Form Reflection.

    Wednesday, 4/15:

    1.  Contribute to Class Consensus T-chart creating questions about the stability and change of Mt. Everest's movement.  

    2.  Complete Google Forrm Reflection.

    Thursday, 4/16:

    1.  Use Seismic Explorer to look at earthquake data around Mt. Everest.  

    2.  Record observations in Notice and Wonder Chart.   Do patterns exist around Mt. Everest?

    Friday, 4/16:

    1.  Complete Google Form Do Now.

    2.  Use Seismic Explorer to look at earthquake data from around the world.  Are there similar earthquake patterns around the world to what you see at Mt. Everest?

    3.  Record your observations in your Notice and Wonder Chart.

    4.   Add your observations to a Class Consensus Chart.  


    Week of 4/20/20 - 4/24/20

     Monday, 4/20:  

    1. Post a Pin to the Padlet site to include an article or video along with writing a summary for an event around the world at any time in  history that changed the landform (ex. earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, mudslides, etc) in some way.    

    2. Fill out Google Form for today.    

    Tuesday, 4/21:

    1. Write a question on 5 other students' "events" on Padlet asking something regarding that event.  

    2. Fill out Google Form for today.

    Wednesday, 4/22:

    1. Happy Earth Day!!  Enjoy the video and activities I posted.    Send me a picture of any activity/craft you do!

    Thursday, 4/23:

    1. Review the Case Study and Map Cards for the Himalayas and the Andes Mountains.

    2. View the video on how to use the Case Study Cards and Maps.

    3. View the video on the 1960 earthquake in Chile.

    4. Complete the Himalayas Vs. Andes Mountains Earthquakes Comparison Chart.  

    Friday, 4/24:

    1. Review the Case Study and Map Cards for Mt. Fuji in Japan.

    2. View the video on Mt. Fuji.

    3. Complete the Himalayas Vs. Mt. Fuji, Japan Earthquakes Comparison Chart.


    Week of 4/27/20 - 5/1/20     

    Monday, 4/27/20:

     1. Review the Case Study Cards and Maps for Iceland today.   

     2. Watch the video clip about Iceland.

    3. Complete the Himalayas Vs. Iceland Earthquake Comparison Chart.

    4. Fill out and submit the Google Form comparing other locations to the   Himalayas.


    Tuesday, 4/28/20:

    1. Review the Case Study Cards on the MId-Atlantic Ridge and watch the video. 

    2. Complete the Himalayas Vs. Mid-Atlantic Ridge Earthquake Comparison Chart.


    Wednesday, 4/29/20:

    1. Review the Case Study Cards on Lake Baikal and watch the video on Lake Baikal.  

    2. Complete the Himalayas Vs. Lake Baikal Earthquake Comparison Chart.  


    Thursday, 4/30/20:

    Review Case Study Cards on Colima, Mexico and watch the video on it.

    Complete the Himalayas Vs. Colima, Mexico Earthquake Comparison Chart.


    Friday, 5/1/20:

    Review the Case Study Cards on the Aleutian Islands and watch the video.

    Complete the Himalayas Vs. the Aleutian Islands Earthquake Comparison Chart.

    Complete the Google Form comparing ALL the locations to the Himalayas.  


    Week of 5/11/120 - 5/15/20

    Monday, 5/11/20

    1.  Watch Bill Nye video on plate tectonics.   

    2.  Complete the Notice and Wonder Chart for the video.    

    Tuesday, 5/12/20

    1.  Watch the Video on plate tectonics.

    2.  Complete the worksheet  "Video Worksheet:  Plate Tectonics".  

    Wednesday, 5/13/20:

    View both videos posted today and complete the Volcano Formation Notice and Wonder Chart

    Thursday, 5/14/20 and Friday, 5/15/20:

    1.  Read the article posted, watch the video and look at the interactive link posted.

    2.  Complete the Google Form titled, "Mt. Everest:   The Final Destination".  


    Week of 5/18/20 - 5/22/20:

    1.  Read the Project details in the Google Doc titled, "Project Checklist for Geologic Vacation Destinations".

    2.  Look at the Google Meets sessions document for this week.

    3.  Be sure to check in with the teacher during one of the Google Meets sessions to talk about what you are going to do for your project.  

    4.  Start your project.   It is due on June 1st.