Arrival and Dismissal

  • Arrival 

    When transporting your child to and from school, it is imperative that established traffic patterns as well as township laws be followed. The area immediately in front of School One allows our parent community the opportunity to drop off their child while still providing a designated area for school buses. This area is marked as a "Drop Off" zone and must NOT be abused. Parents are not to stop or park their vehicles in this area. This regulation is in effect throughout the school day, and includes both dismissal time for children in the morning kindergarten session, and the arrival of children in the afternoon kindergarten session.

    There is no parking or standing allowed on the opposite side of Willow Avenue directly across form the school. Parking or standing in this area could be extremely dangerous if a child should suddenly run across the street. May we repeat...for the safety of all our students, pleae do not park, pick up, or drop off your child on the westbound side of Willow Avenue across from the school. In addition, there is a town ordinance in effect that restricts parking on the westbound side of Willow Avenue between Midway and Madison Avenues.


    When pulling up in front of the school to drop off your child, please stay approximately three feet from the curb. Following this practice will allow pedestrians the opportunity to walk safely along the sidewalk and provide space for swinging car doors. (If road conditions are dangerous with rain, sleet, or snow, you may pull up to curb side, but please be careful of our pedestrians as your passengers depart the vehicle.) We encourage children to exit the vehicle through the passenger side door so they can get to the sidewalk in a safe manner. We also ask that parents remain in line when dropping off their child in the morning. Do NOT attempt to get in front of other vehicles that are preparing to return back into traffic; this could cause an accident!

    When picking up your child from school, parents are asked to park on a side street and walk to the front of the building. Please refrain from approaching the main doors of the school as teachers are tyring to dismiss each child to the proper parent/guardian, and it is important not to inhibit their vision. Please also provide a pathway on the sidewalk next to the pavers by the front doors to allow our bus students a pathway to exit the building safely. Parents are asked to complete the school's Dismissal Procedure Form.

    The school's traffic flow is illustrated on Page 4 of the Parent/Student Handbook. Your cooperation with this system will be appreciated.