• Everyday Math Online Games
    You can play math games that we've played in class on this site!  These math games are a fun way to practice your math skills and develop strategic thinking.  You must have your user name and password to play. 

    Everyday Math - Parent FAQs
    This website provides some answers to frequently asked questions about Everyday Math. 

    You can read books online and practice comprehension and word study skills.  The more you practice, the more stars you earn!  You may then use your earned stars to personalize your rocket!  A fun, interactive way to practice the reading skills we're working on in class!

    Storyline Online
    This website allows you to listen to celebrities reading some of your favorite picture books.
    This website has leveled phonics and reading activities first grade skills.  

    This website has online games for kids in K-5 sorted by grade levels. 

    This website features games and activities highlighting Dr. Seuss and the Cat in the Hat. 

Last Modified on October 10, 2016