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    Every senior class is special.  Individual students learn and experience a lot on their journey to this time.  Scholars have studied and followed their academic passions - acknowledged by GPA's, scholarships and self satisfaction. Leaders have been given the opportunity to develop skills that will impact the communities they will be a part of the rest of their lives.  Artists have honed their creative skills - some may leave that part of themselves at high school and enjoy the memories, while others will continue to pursue this passion in college and adult life.  Individual athletes have pushed for personal records and school accolades.  Teams have worked together to accomplish goals which would not have been met with individual effort.

    This class has done all of those things, and has excelled, under the most challenging of circumstances. They will always recall our efforts to make this year the best it can be.  

    The Class of 2021 is the class no one will forget.


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