• School Supplies for School Year 2019-2020


    The School One PTA offers parents the opportunity to purchase pre-packaged teacher approved school supply kits for their children through School Tool Box. The sale runs from May 20 to June 21. Go to www.schooltoolbox.com.  Click on “Find boxes now.” Then type in School One when it prompts you to enter the school name. You will then be able to choose the appropriate grade box for your child.   Be sure to select the box for the grade your child WILL BE ENTERING IN SEPTEMBER 2019. Follow the check-out directions.

    The school supply kits will ship to School One at the end of August, and will be on your child’s desk for the first day of school. Each school box includes the correct number of brand name items as requested by your child’s teacher.

    For every box of supplies purchased, School Tool Box will donate a meal to a starving child through their partnership with Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit charity.

    School Tool Box’s service phone number is 800-952-1119

    For questions you may also email:

    Elizabeth Iannotta or Pam Zajac @ schoolone.schoolsupplies@gmail.com

    For supply list details by grade level please view below: