• When are placements communicated?

    Mathematics placements for 7th and 8th grade are communicated at the end of June or early July.  Placement for rising 9th graders are communicated through Powerschool and can typically be accessed toward the end of May.

    What courses are leveled?

    Mathematics is leveled in grades 7 and 8.  Students who meet certain criteria may be placed in an Honors course.  The majority of students will be placed in regular Math 7 or Math 8.  Placement is evaluated every year.  Therefore, students can change levels from 7th to 8th grade. 

    How are placements determined?

    A combination of the criteria below is used to determine a student's placement:

    • Grades
    • NJSLA (most recent score available)
    • Student placement criteria rubrics
    • Benchmark assessments

    Is my student prepared to be successful in an accelerated course?

    Students in accelerated courses...

    • Possess exceptional self-direction, initiative, and perseverance.
    • Are highly organized and possess excellent time-management skills.
    • Analyze, evaluate and synthesize more complex and in-depth concepts.
    • Are expected to complete more independent work at home.
    • Are expected to make sophisticated connections between concepts.
    • Are motivated to apply what they learn beyond the classroom.
    • Have a genuine interest in the subject and the work associated with it.