• Terrill PTA Committee Description

    5TH & 6TH GRADE ACTIVITIES - Committee organizes after-school socials for the 5th graders.

    5TH GRADE ROOM PARENT - 5th Grade Parents help to plan parties, attend class trips and provide communication between the school and class parents.

    8TH GRADE COMMITTEE - Committee organizes and/or supports activities for the 8th graders (e.g. 8th Grade Dance, Breakfast before the 8th grade trip, organize snacks and water for the recognition night etc.) 

    APPAREL SALE - Coordinates sale & distribution of Terrill Apparel. Chooses items & pricing based on demand from community.

    AUTHOR VISITS – Committee schedules authors to visit Terrill and takes care of all book orders associated with author visits. 

    BOOK FAIR – Committee organizes the week-long Book Fairs held twice during the school year, including setting up dates with the Scholastic representative and organizing volunteers to work the fair. Chairperson coordinates the effort while the co-chair each manages one day of the fair. This year it will be an online Book Fair.

    BOX TOPS - Committee collects the now-famous Box Tops from Terrill families and redeems for cash for the school. Collections are migrating to digital. Chair will handle communication with the company and should encourage downloading app. 

    CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY - The committee facilitates activities for Think Purple Week. This includes distributing purple cards to all grades so students may write inspirational messages to graduating 8th graders and high-school seniors at SPFHS. 

    CLOTHING DRIVE - Committee organizes clothing drive for the school. 

    CULTURAL ARTS - Committee is responsible for investigating and planning programs, workshops and special events to be held in the school for the cultural enrichment of the children. (Work with Principal and Assistant Principal on deciding frequency and messaging). 

    DIRECTORY - Chairperson is responsible for entering the information of new 5th graders and students new to the school into an excel sheet and share it with the families.

    HOSPITALITY (STAFF APPRECIATION) - Committee coordinates various activities (staff breakfast and/or luncheon) for the staff of Terrill Middle School.

    LIBRARY VOLUNTEER LIASON - The chairperson coordinates with the Terrill’s librarian to work in the library twice a month (to help with shelving, book repairs, volunteer for special projects etc.).

    MEMBERSHIP - Organizes PTA membership drive.

    REFLECTIONS - Art competition sponsored by the National PTA. The committee will promote the program at Terrill Middle and organize entries for submission to county, state and national competition. 

    SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM HIGH SCHOOL - More information needed.

    SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM MIDDLE SCHOOL - More information needed.

    SCHOOL PICTURES - Committee coordinates school photo days by assisting photographers during Terrill Picture Days in the fall (winter this year), arranging parent volunteers and coordinating photo delivery. 

    SCHOOL STORE - Organize the sale of small “fun” items in the school every other month for 5th and 6th graders.

    TECHNOLOGY - Chairperson keeps the Terrill PTA website up to date and/or helps with constant contact eBlast.

    THEME PARK TICKETS - The committee organizes a fundraiser/sale of tickets for a theme park and distributes the tickets.


    If you have any questions regarding these coommittees, please reach out to Regina Gannon (Terrill PTA VP).