• What To Do If...

    1. I need to contact my childClassroom instruction cannot be interrupted to deliver routine telephone messages to a teacher or a student.  These matters can be handled more effectively before or after the school session.  Emergency messages will be delivered immediately.  Duing school hours, students are NOT permitted to make telephone calls except in an emergency.  Please note:  forgotten homework, snack, library books, roller blades, etc., are NOT considered an emergency.
    2. My child needs medication at school:  The school nurse is to be notified of any medication being taken by a student attending school, particularly those that might cause a change of behavior.  It is the policy of the Board of Education that the school staff may NOT provide students with aspirin or any other type of medication.  The administration of any medication received from home to a pupil shall be done only in exceptional circumstances, wherein the child's health may be jeopardized without it, or as in the case of medication being given to modify behavior. Pupils requiring medication during school hours must have a written statement from the family physician which identifies the diagnosis, the type of medication, the time(s) for administration, and the number of days that medication is to be administered (Click here for form:  Request for Administration of Medication).  A written statement from the parents giving permission to the nurse to administer the medication as prescribed by the family physician is also required.  This statement will also remain on file with the school nurse.  Each prescription must be in a correctly labeled prescription bottle.  It is District policy that the parent/guardian or a responsible adult bring the medication to school.  Children must NOT handle any medication and there can be NO exception to this provision. The nurse must always be notified in writing of any change or adjustment of any medication being given to a child by both the attending physician and the parents.
    3. I need to speak to my child's teacher:  Leave a message on the voice mailbox of your child's teacher.
    4. My child has a problem in school:  Always contact your child's teacher as the initial step to gain information and develop strategies to resolve the situation.  If resolutions are not satisfactory, contact the principal.
    5. I cannot pick up my child after school:  Contact your emergency card friends or relatives to make arrangements, and notify the school office so your child is informed.  However, we ask that parents make the necessary arrangements for their child's dismissal from school in the morning BEFORE their child leaves for school.  We do realize that occasionally a true emergency arises and you must get a message to your child during the school day, but we ask that you keep these interruptions to a MINIMUM (especially at the end of the day when we cannot guarantee that the message will be received on time).

Last Modified on December 13, 2010