• The following skills are important to your 2nd grader’s mathematical success.  Please find time to practice and support your child in mastering these skills.


    Place Value and Skip Counting:


    Skip count by 10s- start 123 and stop at 243

    Skip count by 5s- start at 230 and stop at 305

    Skip count by 2s- start at 112 and stop at 186


    Compare numbers- greater, less than and equal to

             436 is less than 427 



    Look at Place Value- through the thousands


    273  The place of the 2 is hundreds.  The value of the 2 is 200

    3 hundreds 2 tens and 9 ones= 329


    Telling time- practice telling time to the 5 minute.  Children need lots of practice with this.


    Money: Counting mixed coins and dollars

                 Writing amounts in dollar and cent notation $3.24

                 Making given amounts with dollars and coins

                 Calculating change from a dollar

    Memorize common coin combinations—DDN, QN, QD, QDN


    Addition and Subtraction facts-

    Encourage your child to commit the facts to memory.  Practice using strategies on the attached sheets.  Try to discourage the constant use of fingers and number grids to solve basic facts.

Last Modified on December 4, 2012