• P.A.L.S. is a program designed to develop a sense of community at Park Middle School and help make incoming 5th grade students feel welcome and safe.  P.A.L.S. gives us the opportunity to learn how to lead groups through activities and discussions.  Participating in these activities gives you the chance to get to know each other better and learn how to work collaboratively and respectfully while having fun!  Over the course of the year, P.A.L.S. leaders will meet weekly and engage in different games and challenges, while having the opportunity to share opinions, thoughts, and feelings with each other.  Approximately once per month, P.A.L.S. peer leaders will co-facilitate hands-on activities with 5th graders to help make a successful transition into middle school.
    Requirements for Success
    Peer Leaders Will:
    • Get to know on another
    • Build rapport and trust
    • Establish a shared direction
    • Develop an acceptance of and appreciation for differences among individuals


    • Listen actively and ask thoughtful questions
    • Guide others in interactive activities and planned modules
    • Plan and organize 
    • Become positive role models for their peers and 5th graders


    • Understand an activity-based model of learning
    • Improve their communication skills
    • Increase their self-confidence


    • Promote school spirit within Park Middle
    • Help out with Parent Orientation Evenings
    • Assist with 4th grade visitations
    • Participate in leading 5/6 Socials games 
    P.A.L.S. 7th Grade Interst Meeting
    Wednesday, May 22nd from 2:45-3:15
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