Kindergarten Power Words
    • Bold words = students should be able to visually identify (both in isolation and context) these words by the end of the year 

    • Weeks that have text in blue are words we have learned so far this school year. 

    Week One my  me we             
    Week Two    at and look it            
    Week Three   a are go like            
    Week Four one see two three four           
    Week Five be in on              
    Week Six with  went is goes             
    Week Seven am green blue red yellow black brown white purple pink
    Week Eight big into little               
    Week Nine can take play              
    Week Ten  the make but              
    Week Eleven for its get want            
    Week Twelve   as to help please good           
    Week Thirteen do not no yes she          
    Week Fourteen  he said so will            
    Week Fifteen  did made too was            
    Week Sixteen  of you all saw            
    Week Seventeen run say                
     now then away ran             
    pull came well              
    Week Twenty  at  have grow they  soon           
    an out find ride            
    Week Twenty-two  from some that there this          
    Week Twenty-three  by up down funny            
    Week Twenty-Four  many eat ate              
    Week Twenty-Five  come here                
    Week Twenty-Six  long what  must under             
    Week Twenty-Seven  their jump pretty              
    Week Twenty-Eight  when why new our who          
Last Modified on May 11, 2019