How do I log into Teachscape?
Your username is your email address!  If you cannot remember the password, click on the "Forgot Password?" link at the bottom of the login page, supply your email address and they will email you reset information.
I'm a new teacher in the District.  How do I log in for the first time?
After your account has been set up by the Teachscape account creation team, you will either be notified them directly or by someone (member of the technology group, one of your supervisors/administrators) in district.  You then have to activate your account at and clicking on the Activate Account link at the bottom of that page.  For further instructions, please download their new user support document.
 Rut-Roh...I used to be able to log into Teachscape but this last time, I received an ominous error...
If, when you try to log into Teachscape, you receive an error saying:
"Your account has expired.  To extend your license, please contact Teachscape Sales at 1-877-98-TEACH or"
Don't panic!  That error message is somewhat misleading since all accounts have been migrated to the new Reflect platform. 
Go to and try to log in. If it gives you an error about your login credentials, click on “Activate Account” on the bottom of the page.  After you enter your email address, it will email you directions on how to activate your account on the new level of Teachscape.  You will have to choose your password but you can reuse the password you’d previously used. 
If you have other questions or problems, please create a work order at http://helpdesk/portal.