• Why back up your data?
     You've spent hours and hours over the years creating your lesson plans, and tests and handouts, oh my!   Then without warning, your laptop starts emitting this bone shaking, high pitched squeal or low growling sound and your digital life flashes before your eyes.  "Danger Will Robinson" does not begin to explain the panic gripping you right now.  You're not sure which is worse, the prospect of losing all your data or having to tell one of your favorite techies that you have no idea of when you last backed up your data...*if* you've ever backed it up.
    It happens.  It can happen to an-y-one.  Don't let it happen to you.  It's not the kind of "teachable" moment we cherish and too many of your colleagues have learned this lesson the hard way. Plus, if you're one of those fortunate teachers who have received a Macbook Air, please know that it contains a hard drive which, if it fails, will take all of your data with it and it can happen without the squeal or growling.  We cannot recover your data; all we can do is give you a tissue and some sympathy...and maybe a piece of candy.
    Back up your data.
    But how?  That's easy! There are multiple ways to back up your Mac!

    Back up your 


    There are many ways to back up your documents and we encourage you to back up in more than one way just to protect your data. We are a G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps For Education) district.  Because of that, we have unlimited - yes, unlimited storage on Google Drive.  If you have an spfk12.org email address, you have unlimited storage on Google Drive.  You can back up all of your files, photos, music and such to Google Drive.  We don't want to encourage your digital hoarding but if you're not sure if you can part with those files you created in 2002, you can always archive them there rather than clutter the local hard drive of your laptop. Yes, there are other places you can store your data too.   We do recommend purchasing external hard drives which have dropped dramatically in price while their capacity has grown.   Stores such as Staples and Best Buy regularly put them on sale so it’s not a “geek” thing any more!  Backing up your files is easy to do and can save you heartbreak later on.


    Ways to back up:

    1. Back up to Google Drive.
    2. Using a method of your own making with an external hard drive.
    3. Back up using a backup service in "the Cloud"
    4. CDs and DVDs and other media including flash drives