cloud backup
    You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Cloud and if you’ve used a service like Dropbox or GDrive to exchange files or have had your photos uploaded to Picasa or Shutterfly, you’ve experienced the Cloud.  Clouds are good and with services like Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud, you get up to 5 GB for free but exceed that amount and you’ll have to pay.  Most Cloud backups do charge, generally by the month. You would back up to the Cloud pretty much the same way you’d back up to a network drive but you can do it from home or anywhere you have Internet access.
    Backing up to the Cloud is very similar to backing up to your network folder or external hard drive. Organize what you want to back up and copy the files and/or the folders to your storage place on the Cloud. Just do it - don't wait for a rain cloud to wash away your data.