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    We all do it.  We find a website that we really like and we know we want to revisit it at a later time.  So, what do we do?  We bookmark it. However, our computers don't save our bookmarks in our Documents folder or someplace like that so they too often get lost.   

    Backing up your Bookmarks

    Additionally, many of you have quite a few bookmarks which you’d like to back up separately or transfer to a new computer.   Backing up your bookmarks is very easy to do. 



    While in Safari, click on File and then select Export Bookmarks and then it will ask you where you want to put the file entitled “Safari Bookmarks” so you can find it for backing up or exporting later.



    In later versions of Firefox, click on Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks.  In the next window, click on the arrow next to the Star icon and then export your bookmarks to HTML (and you can see how you can import them at the same time).



    While in Chrome, select Bookmarks ->Bookmarks Manager.  It will open a newwindow.  Click on the arrow next toOrganize and you’ll see the option to export your bookmarks.

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