The group of applications the Technology Department uses for imaging and maintaining our fleet of Macs is called the Casper Suite.  One of the programs in the suite, Self Service, is being utilized more extensively to allow you to install software on laptops for yourself or students, or to even add printers while you are in the district.   It's easy to use and the applications have been tested and configured to eliminate some of the guesswork about updating plug-ins, etc.  This way, the next time your students are Wordling or using a website that requires an update, you can work with them to perform that update to minimize instructional downtime and keep the students (and your lessons!) on track.
     Getting started is easy:
    One you or your students have launched Self Service, you'll be presented with a menu of what we have available for installation on your laptops.  
    The initial screen has featured applications such as Type To Learn, etc.  However, when you're working with websites and receive errors regarding items like Flash Player or Java, you'll need to select "Self Service - Plugins" in the right-hand column.  Once you're in the right spot, you can pick which plug-in you need installed simply by clicking on it.
    It will begin installing without you having to enter a password or select a path or anything!  You'll see a progress bar at the top then when it's completed, it will list the installation in the Completed section.
    Now, it wouldn't be technology if it worked every single time so if you see the word "Failed" in the Completed section and you are not given the option under the main Self Service window to try again, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Technology Department via a work order and we'll be more than happy to help!  Also, if you come across something that you feel should be in Self Service but is not, please bring it to our attention so we can help Self Service help you!