This Power Point presentation is from Robert Zayas.  Mr. Zayas is the Executive Director of the New York State Public High Schools Athletic Association.  The information, while from New York is valuable as we all move forward with our athletes in an Education Based Athletic Environment. 
    This also addresses actions that can be positive and negative for the athletes, coaches, and parents.  
    Take a few minutes to view the Power Point.  Obviously, there are some gaps as this was an hour long interactive presentation.  However, the information is intended to be thought provoking and reflective.  
    Particularly, viewing High School Athletics as an extension of the classroom, a place for character building, extending life-long lessons, and acting as a leadership laboratory.  If we all, athletes, coaches, parents, and administrators place our focus on the aforementioned four criteria, we can begin to build a stronger foundation together - pressing SPFHS Athletics as a leader amongst all programs in New Jersey. 
Last Modified on April 2, 2014