Samples of Student Work at Various Proficiency Levels
 Rubrics that describe characteristics of writing at various proficiency levels
Presentational Writing Rubric  
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 Interpersonal Writing Rubric
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Samples of student writing at various proficiency levels 
Novice Low Sample A
 Novice Low A N
 Novice Low Sample B
Novice Low B  
Novice Mid Sample A
Novice Low B  
 Novice Mid Sample B
 Novice Mid B
Novice High Sample A 
Novice High A  
 Novice High Sample B
Novice High Sample B  
 Novice High Bridging to Intermediate Low Sample A
Novice High (Level 4) C  
Novice High bridging to Intermediate Low Sample B
 Intermediate Low Sample A
 Intermediate Low
Intermediate Low Sample B
 Intermediate Low A
Intermediate Mid Sample A 
Intermediate Sample B  
Intermediate Mid Sample B 
 Intermediate Mid B
 Intermediate High
Intermediate Mid
 Advanced Low Sample A
 Advanced Low A
Advanced Low Sample B 
Advanced Low Sample B