• GAFE  
    As of September, 2014, Scotch Plains-Fanwood Schools has moved forward as a Google Apps For Education district.  Many of you have already experienced the various applications in the Google Apps suite and have used Google Drive to backup or even share documents with friends, family and/or colleagues. 
    What does that mean for SPFSD?  It means our staff email is migrating to a Gmail server but your district email address will remain the same!  Additionally, we are extending Google accounts to our students grades 5 through 12.  Why?  With Google accounts, our students will be able to use GAFE to its fullest bringing true collaboration into the schools and enhancing their education.  It also allows for a seamless, platform independent method for students to create projects whether they are in school or at home.  Gone are the "oh, but I don't have that program" excuses! 
    Other benefits to using Google Apps?  Using Google Docs with your students and colleagues, you can:
    • Share folders and collections
    • Access your work anywhere at anytime - you don't need to be on your computer
    • Collaborate with team members, students and with people you've not even met - around the world.  That collaboration can exist in real time too!
    • Upload pre-existing presentations and documents
    • Utilize Google's built-in research tools
    • Communicate with collaborators using comments and chats.

    ... and lots of other benefits!