• Where am I and why am I here?
    This is a temporary landing page so we can get the message out about our change in email systems.  As you’ve probably heard, we are leaving Kerio behind for the new (and probably familiar) world of Gmail! 
    To get to your Staff Email, click on this link:  https://mail.google.com/a/spfk12.org
    To configure your Staff Email on your mobile device, click here.
    As of August 28th, please do NOT use Entourage or Outlook for email!  Do NOT use any shortcuts or icons that you've previously used to get to webmail as they will take you to the wrong site!!!!  If you see the Kerio sign-in window, you are in the wrong place!!! 
    In case you'd like to like more information, please read on...
    Here’s the facts:
    Your email address will NOT change.
    Your login information will NOT change.
    The web address for logging into your email has not changed.
    Once we are sure that our message is communicated to everyone, we will update our website links once again to take you directly to the email login page.
    What has changed:
    While your older email messages are not being migrated to the new mail system, they are still available to you when you are in the district.  You can access your archived emails at: https://archive.spfk12.org.  Those messages will remain available to you for at least one year so don’t panic!
    In the not too distant future, we will be adding email access for students grades 5-12 so students can communicate with you, each other and utilize the full functionality of Google Apps.
    All of this is part of Scotch Plains-Fanwood Schools becoming a Google Apps For Education district.  That means you and your students will have access to the entire productivity suite of applications that Google has to offer including word processing, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, drawing, database and much more!!!  To read more about our adoption of Google Apps and what it can do for you and your students, click here.
    To continue to the email login page, click here.