District Technology Department


    The staff members of the Technology Department serve all eight schools and the Administrative offices of the district.  The intrepid team of Jonathan Alves, Ryan Onove, Adam Strugatch and Emilia Treglia are always happy to assist our staff and students with their technology needs.

    The most efficient way to get answers/help for your requests/problems is by creating a ticket using our Web Help Desk system at http://helpdesk.spfk12.org.   Log in using the same username and password that you use to log into your laptop or your email.  We want to help you so please make your ticket as detailed as possible!  Thank you!

    The Technology Department also has a wiki that covers many topics which might solve your problems without having to put in a ticket. Check it out at https://wiki.spfk12.org.

    If you require support for Powerschool (student information system), please put in a helpdesk ticket or if it's urgent, please contact Kathy Yeakel. If you are a parent having problems with the Powerschool Parent Portal, please email parents@ps.spfk12.org.

    If you need assistance with using the audio-visual equipment in the auditoriums in our schools or require support for the equipment on rehearsal/performance days, please contact Gary Moore by putting in a helpdesk ticket at https://helpdesk.spfk12.org