WELCOME To the SPFHS Counseling Department

    Mr. Timothy Donahue, Assistant Principal
    District Supervisor of Counseling Services
     Phone: 908-889-8600 x3419
    Fax: 908-889-8254 
    High School CEEB Code: 311-360 
    High School Counselors:
     Mrs. C. Hoffman x3395 - choffman@spfk12.org
    Mrs. C. Kilmer x3391 – ckilmer@spfk12.org
    Mr. L. Kostu x3388 – lkostu@spfk12.org
    Mr. J. McManus x3393 – jmcmanus@spfk12.org
    Mrs. A. Moser x3326 - amoser@spfk12.org
    Mrs. D. Palozzola x3392 – dpalozzola@spfk12.org
    Mrs. S. Wojcik x3329 – swojcik@spfk12.org

      Administrative Assistants:

    Mrs. Teresa Carvalho x3410 – tcarvalho@spfk12.org -Office Assistant

    Mrs. Lisa Cummings x3412 - lcummings@spfk12.org - Office Assistant

    Mrs. Theresa Skoog x3419 – tskoog@spfk12.org Executive Secretary

    The Counseling staff's focus is to encourage all students to recognize and appreciate the value of education and to use their talents and abilities to achieve their goals. Each individual is unique!
    Counselors are available to advise students to make decisions, which will enable them to become productive members of society and provide all students with opportunities to explore their options, maximize their potential, and define their goals. Counselors will assist students in acquiring the skills to explore individual post-high school plans and make informed future decisions through college admissions counseling, vocational/technical counseling, and military career counseling.
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    For our college information application tracking website, including dates and times of college visits, click on the Naviance link below:


    For information on activities and student progress, please visit the PowerSchool link below:


Last Modified on March 21, 2019