Name: Ms. Victoria Vanoni 
    Department: English/Special Education 
    Courses Taught:  US History I
                                  English III
                                  English IV  
    Phone: To Be Announced 
    Email: vvanoni@spfk12.org 
    Philosophy: My goal for all of my students is for him/her to achieve their academic best. I want each of my students to know that he/she can reach success and learn to be the best version of themselves both inside and outside the classroom. 
    Fun Facts:
    Education- The College of New Jersey: 
       Bachelor of Science in English 
       Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education 
    Sports- Football and hockey 
    Hobby- Running, cooking, and reading. 
    Novel- The Things They Carried and The Great Gatsby 
    All information regarding classwork, assignments, upcoming tests/quizzes, announecments, and study guides will be posted on Google Classroom 
    All students have access to my Google Classrooms- All assignments, handouts, and announcements are available there as well. Students are reminded daily of upcoming assignments, encouraged to ask questions/seek extra help when needed on writing or topics discussed while reading.
    If parents wish to join our Google Classroom- please feel free to email. I will invite you to join our page.  
    Parents/Guardians and students: folders will be created for each class. Notes, study guides, information, and much more will be accessible. 
    **Extra help is available Tuesday-Thursday in room 179. Please let me know if you will be attending one of the extra help sessions!**