Name: Mrs. Pfirrmann
    Department: Science Room #131
    Courses Taught: Biology and Anatomy & Physiology
    Student assignments posted on, and accepted via, Google Classroom.
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    As a science teacher, I believe that my role is to explore with my students the needs of an amazing future that will be shaped by today’s students. For these students, the understanding of science cannot be defined as a specific procedure. It is, instead, an ongoing process that occurs in an often spontaneous and unstructured way. Academic learning, however, can be organized into identifiable structures and processes. In science class, students make new connections between known concepts, they add new strategies, they link those new concepts to old concepts. Only then do they begin to truly learn and expand their body of knowledge. The understanding of science, therefore, is a huge web of exploration and concepts connected by a whole lot of knowledge 
Last Modified on September 29, 2016