• Name: Mr. Joseph Higgins
    Department:Social Studies
    Courses Taught: AM: Intro to Economics
                                  Period 1-2: AP Economics
                                  Period 3-4: AP Economics
                                  Period 5-6: AP Economics
                                  Period 12-13 AP Economics
    Intro to Economics is a semester (half-year) course that is broken into three six to seven week components.  They are Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Financial Literacy.  We begin the year in microeconomics examining incentives in decision making, benefits and costs, and supply and demand.  We will move on to look at how economic performance is measured and how policy can affect it.  Finally, we will study various aspects of finance, especially from a personal and family perspective.  These aspects include saving and investing, approach to debt management, short- and long-term financial goals, and prioritizing one's financial wishes.
    A syllabus can be found under classroom files for AP Economics.
    I use Schoology.com for many of my assignments.  Parents can gain access codes for this site by e-mailing me at jhiggins@spfk12.org.  There you can find assignments, class events, and due dates.
    Phone: (908) 889-8600

Last Modified on September 29, 2016