• Name: Mr. Koetzner
    Department: English
    Courses Taught:

    English II Academic: Periods 7-8 and 10-11
    English III Advanced Placement Language and Composition: Periods 1-2; 12-13; and 14-15
    Phone: Extension 3772
    Email: rkoetzner@spfk12.org
    I no longer use this site. Please visit my google classroom via your school-issued gmail account:
    Log-on: school-issued gmail address (last two digits of your graduation year + first initial of your first name + last name @students.spfk12.org)
    So, Joe Example who graduates in 2017 would have the address: 17jexample@students.spfk12.org
    PW: Your school ID# 
    There, you can find nightly assignments, important announcements, and electronic copies of class materials. 
Last Modified on January 30, 2018