• David Cilio
    Physical Education/Health Teacher

    Phone: 908 322 4445
    What You Will Learn:

    Rules and Basic Strategy for Various Games

    Cooperation and Teamwork Skills

    Sportsmanship and Sports Etiquette

    Respect for Self and Others

    Enjoyment and benefits of Physical Activity

    What You Will Need:

    A Good Lock (preferably Combination)

    Appropriate Gym Attire (sneakers, socks, shorts/sweatpants. t-shirt/sweatshirt)

    An open mind and a positive attitude

    How You Will Be Graded:

    Effort – active participation in activities

    Cooperation with peers and teacher(s)

    Preparation (see above)

    Timeliness – students have five minutes to be changed and in assigned spot in the gym


     Many of these things are subjective by nature. Be sure you leave no doubt in the teacher’s mind that

    you are doing the best you can in the areas of effort, cooperation, etc.

    How You Can Succeed:

    Follow all rules and expectations

    Learn to become a good listener


    Rules of the Class:

    No gum or jewelry

    No unsafe play

    Listen and follow teacher directions

    Be respectful

    Have fun!


    Students must provide a lock for locker

    Students are responsible for locking and securing all possessions

    All medical excuses will be taken to school nurse who will make decision on participation or exemption
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Last Modified on March 13, 2015