booksofpolicies  One of the most important functions of a Board of Education is to make policies for the administration of the school district. Policies are implemented by district personnel and ensure the smooth operation of the district. Many policies are required by statute or directly relate to business, Board, or administrative functions. Other policies directly affect students and their families, instructional programs, pupil health, management, and safety, and the legal rights and obligations of students and parents.
The Scotch Plains-Fanwood Board of Education has approved the attached Policy Manual and has made it available for downloading into an easily searchable format.  To view the manual, you will need a PDF viewer such as Acrobat Reader (  The Policy Manual is available in three separate downloads:
While the Index will give you a searchable listing with which to find a particular policy, the general categories are:
0000 - Bylaws
1000 - Administration
2000 - Program
3000 - Teaching Staff Members
4000 - Support Staff Members
5000 - Pupils
6000 - Finances
7000 - Property
8000 - Operations
9000 - Community