• Dear New Third Grader,

    Can you believe that you are a third grader already? It is going to be such an exciting, wonderful, and spectacular year!

    My name is Mrs. Bhatia (Bott-ee-uh) and I will be your teacher this year. You may already know me from the kindergarten wing! I have had a busy summer because my family moved to a new house! We still live in Fanwood though, because Fanwood and Scotch Plains are the best. I was also busy with my dog. Her name is Luna and she is 1-year-old. She has A LOT of energy and I spent a lot of time chasing her around the back yard. I hope you had a wonderful and restful summer.

    I hope you are ready to learn in the third grade! We have so many new and interesting things to explore together. We are going to investigate structures of life and the many properties of water. Also, we will read a lot of fun books and study some of my favorite authors, like Kate DiCamillo. In writing, we will create personal narratives, informational reports and persuasive letters, and fairy tale adaptations. Finally, by the end of the year, you will be able to solve 94 x 16! I am confident that this year will be full of positive learning experiences and lots of fun.

    I look forward to meeting you!


    Mrs. Bhatia

    Please visit my class website for much more!