• Name: Barbara Katz
    Grade: Resource Room
    Room #: 107 for Language Arts POR, (from Mrs. Farrell gr.2)
                   Math gr.3  ICR room 127 Mrs. Socha
                   Math gr.4  ICR room 134 Mrs. Bondarovicz
    Phone: (908)889-5331 Ext. 1409
    Email: bkatz@spfk12.org

    Thank you for looking at my website.

    All students are to read at least 15 minutes each night. Language Arts homework is in their LA notebook and should be completed by each Friday. Just write a note if students were not able to get to their homework a certain night. It should be made up as soon as possible. Math homework is in the students' homework folder. Third  graders should practice their multiplication facts 10-15 minutes each night. Fourth graders should practice their multiplication/division facts 15 a night.

    Thank you for your support, email any questions,
    Mrs. Barbara Katz


Last Modified on September 6, 2018