Safety In Our Schools

     Everyone in Scotch Plains – Fanwood Public Schools is dedicated to the safety of all of the students in our schools.  As you arrive at our buildings, you will see numerous security features, such as our Student Resource Officers, all of whom are either active or retired police officers.  The District is also actively partnered with both the Fanwood and Scotch Plains Police Departments to ensure that our schools are safe havens for learning and enrichment.

    Before you are allowed to enter any of our buildings, you will be asked to provide photo identification and a reason for your visit, even if you have been to that school numerous times before.  Please do not take offense at these measures; our staff is working hard to safeguard our students.

    We insist that you do NOT hold the door for any other individuals who are trying to enter the building at that time.  If you are not asked for photo ID, please notify the building administrator so we can improve our safety measures.

    For as many security precautions that you see, there are countless other unseen safety measures in place that the District has implemented to protect everyone in Scotch Plains – Fanwood Schools.