• Name: Brian Rosenberger
    Grade: Art
    Room #: 130 (Thursdays only)
    Phone: (908) 322-7731 x1811
    Email: brosenberger@spfk12.org


      How can one teach art? It is a humanistic field where no definitive “answers,” can be found. In math, one plus one equals two. In science, water always consists of hydrogen and oxygen. In history, George Washington was the first president. In art there is no formula or process that is guaranteed to take every student to the same destination, but that is the beauty of it. In art learning dwells within the process. In art class, the role of the teacher is to promote creativity, exploration, and personal expression. By challenging students to find this personal voice they will need to develop such as adaptability, divergent thinking, self analysis, and the ability to communicate and defend their ideas. This will hopefully lay a solid foundation of knowledge and experience contributing to both their emotional and global intelligence. “ They will have developed the aesthetic lens of the visual arts that empowers them to view their world with added meaning and significance. (Hurwitz & Day)”