The Honor Roll at the High School will be in two categories: High Honor Roll and Honor Roll.

    The Honor list will be issued at the close of each marking period.

    The criteria will be as follows:
    High Honor Roll
    Straight "A's" if the student is taking only four or five subjects, or at least five "A's" and a maximum of one "B".
    Honor Roll
    No mark less than a "B" and at least three "A's".  A "P" in a Pass/Fail course will not be considered in placement on the Honors

    A student who receives an "Incomplete" will not be eligible for placement on the Honors List except for the following condition:

    • A student must present a note from the teacher issuing the "Incomplete" to the Assistant Principal in charge of compiling the Honors List within five school days after the mailing/posting of report cards. The note must specify the new grade.