• School Supply Guide

    School Supply Guide

    It is NOT a requirement to purchase all items listed the first week of school.  Supply needs will vary based on student, grade, and class schedule. 


Area Item
General Supplies 3-ring binder w/loose-leaf paper and dividers (1 to start school)
Spiral-bound notebook
Pencils (#2 or mechanical) & Pens
White board markers
Colored pencils
Organizational Helpers & Study Aids Agenda Book/Planner
Index or note cards
3 x 3 Post-It notes
Pencil Case
Equipment/Tech Accessories Headphones/earbuds
TI-84 Calculator (For at home use only & used throughout high school.)
World Language (W/L) W/L Dictionary Languages: Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish
Physical Education Sneakers
Season appropriate clothing: Shorts/Sweatpants, T-shirt/Sweatshirt, & Socks

  • No need to purchase any padlock.

    Locker padlocks are built into student hallway lockers.

    Locker padlocks are provided in all Physical Education classes.