• Name:Charity Morris
    Department: QUEST and 3rd and 4th Grade Enrichment
    Room #: McGinn- Art Room- Mondays  Wednesdays PM- Music Room
     School One- Room 107 Tuesdays- Fridays
    Phone: 908 322-7731 x1812


     Welcome QUEST students and parents,


             QUEST  (Question, Understand, Explore, Seek and Think) is a unique experience, where you come to explore and learn outside of the classroom.  Though we will be studying specific units (Math, Writing, Flight and Greek Mythology), I am looking to you to help guide our activities and learning.


             In QUEST class you will be given assignments that need to be completed at home. It is your responsibility to bring materials and assignments to your weekly QUEST class. You are also responsible for making up any missed work while you were out of the classroom. Work with your teacher to ensure this is done.


             We will go on three trips this the year.  We will visit the Linden Airport, explore the Princeton Art Museum and attend a Mental Marathon with other students from Union County programs.


             Being a QUEST student is a privilege and must be taken seriously.  I will be looking for you to do your best, try new things and explore subject areas different from your classroom. As the inventor Charles Kettering said, “Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.”  I look forward to exploring new frontiers with you.


    Feel free to email during the week if there is ever a question about an assignment- cmorris@spfk12.org.