Elementary Spanish Resources

Elementary Spanish Teachers

Maya Salas, Brunner  

Tara Mann, Coles
Bronna Lipton, Evergreen/School One
Reyna Martoccia, School One 

Developing proficiency in a world language is a skill that can only be acquired through consistent practice, much like learning to play a musical instrument.  We therefore encourage our students to apply their language skills beyond the classroom by interacting in Spanish with their family members, friends, and community - whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

To support this goal, our elementary Spanish teachers have collaborated to begin to develop a Wiki that contains numerous resources to support their students' language learning and application at home.  We hope you find this to be a useful and practical resource for your children, as well as for you, as parents, so that you can support the continued development of your child's language proficiency.  You will find the link to the Elementary Wiki, as well as other useful resources, below.