High School

    The language arts program is not only designed to fulfill the New Jersey state mandate in language arts but also to encourage students to develop and master of both written and oral communication skills. The overall goals of the language arts program include the following:
    • to develop analytical, critical, and creative thinkers.
    • to ensure that all students can express their ideas in a cohesive and succinct manner in both oral and written communication.
    • to create life-long readers. 
    • to appreciate the literary contributions of distinct cultures around the world throughout history.
    • to instill student awareness and sensitivity to the cultural diversity of our nation and the global community.
    All students are required to take four years of a literacy-based program that emphasizes the following:
    • extensive reading through a variety of literary genres for interpretation, analysis, and self-awareness. writing that adheres to application of grammar, usage, and mechanics and that is appropriate for different audiences and real and varied purposes.
    • research to extend student understanding of literary insights, authors, and cultural and historical settings.
    • development of effective oral communication through class discussions, group activities, and oral presentations.
    • expansion of vocabulary in the context of reading and through a specific vocabulary program. 


    Click on the red links below to download a copy of the course proficiencies.

    English I  Grade: 9
    English I Proficiencies
    #011 Accelerated    #012 Academic    #013 Standard
    English II  Grade: 10 
    English II Proficiencies
    #021 Accelerated    #022 Academic    #023 Standard

    English III  AP Grade: 11
    English III AP Proficiencies
    #030 Accelerated

    English III  Grade: 11
    #032 Academic    #023 Standard 

    English IV  AP Grade: 12 
    English IV AP Proficiencies

    #040 Accelerated

    English IV Grade: 12
    English IV Proficiencies

    #042 Academic    #043 Standard

    ***Those seniors in first semester academic or standard level English IV must select one of the following mini-courses to complete the English requirements for second semester senior English. Each course requires a research project and a final performance assessment. ***

    The College Portfolio: (Prerequisite: First semester English IV)
    College Portfolio Proficiencies
    Dystopian Literature: (Prerequisite: First semester English IV)
    Debate and Discussion: (Prerequisite: First semester English IV)
    Debate and Discussion Proficiencies
    Narrative Nonfiction: (Prerequisite: First semester English IV)
    Narrative Nonfiction Proficiencies