• English/Language Arts

    Elizabeth McKenna
    K-12 Supervisor of English, Language Arts and Media Specialists 
    908 889-8600 x 3328
    Our mission: The Scotch Plains-Fanwood English/Language Arts Department provides each student with the skills to lead a literate life by offering a rigorous curriculum based on collaboration and student-centered experiences. We challenge and support students to develop critical thinking, self-expression, independence, diligence, and global perspectives, qualities that transcend the Language Arts classroom.

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    The SPF Language Arts/English Department
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    (Example: jaitkens@spfk12.org to reach Jamie Aitkens at Park)

    High School
    Park Middle
    Terrill Middle
    Birkett, Janette
    Borkowski, Julie
    Brand, Hope
    Brock, Kelly
    Capron, Frank
    Chopra, Kanika 
    Coleman, Elizabeth
    Keller, Candace
    Koetzner, Randy
    Moskal, Ray
    Nielsen, Gwyn
    Novik, Heidi 
    Petrone, Nicole 
    Ryan, Tim
    Stevens, Bob
    Weigel, Allison
    Zarr, Jill
    Zonis, Alisa

    Aitkens, Jamie
    Arminio, Michelle
    Berg, Heather 
    Cammarano, Gina 
    Cohen, Jeannine
    Hamilton, Shannon
    Hanner, Alexandra 
    Melita, Mackenzie
    Lukac, Lauren
    Rodriguez, Cristina 
    Skoller, Lori
    Trang, Linda 
    Whichard, Elizabeth
    Zazzara, Sue

    Burchfield, Kimberly 
    Feldman, Emily
    Held, Christina
    Jennings, Joan 
    LaRegina, Nicole
    Odim, Sarah
    Rosenberg, Scott
    Ross, Diane
    Solomon, Carrie 
    Tighelaar, Stacey
    Vaughn, Peggy 
    Wilpiszeski, Mike