First Grade Mathematics

The following skills are important to your 1st graders’s mathematical success:


*Place Value and Skip Counting:

  Skip count by 10s to 100 then when mastered to 200

  Skip count by 5s to 100 then when mastered to 200

  Skip count by 2s to 40 then when mastered to 100 

*Counting backwards from 20 to 0 (when mastered begin at 30 then 40)

*Practice identifying one more and one less than a given number through 25 (when mastered through 100)

 Example:  23 The place of the 2 is the tens. The value of the 2 is 20

 1 ten 2 ones = 12 work 1-30 now and move through 99 as mastered.

*Comparing numbers- greater than, less than and equal to— up to 20 

*Telling time- practice telling time to the hour.  Once mastered, then practice to the half hour.  

 In February, include quarter to and quarter after.

*Money-counting coins- pennies, nickels and dimes. Include quarters, towards the end of the school year.

*Addition and Subtraction facts- this comes later this year. Practice easy facts now +1, +0,

 double facts and complements of 10.
*Encourage your child to commit their facts to memory.
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