Second Grade Mathematics

The following skills are important to your 2nd grader’s mathematical success:  

*Place Value and Skip Counting:

 Skip count by 10s- start 123 and stop at 243

 Skip count by 5s- start at 230 and stop at 305

 Skip count by 2s- start at 112 and stop at 186 

*Comparing numbers - greater, less than and equal to

 Example:  436 is less than 427

*Practice Place Value- through the thousands

 Example:  273 The place of the 2 is hundreds. The value of the 2 is 200

 3 hundreds 2 tens and 9 ones= 329

*Telling time- practicing telling time to 5 minute intervals

*Money: Counting mixed coins and dollars

 Writing amounts in dollar and cent notation $3.24

 Making given amounts with dollars and coins

*Calculating change from a dollar

*Memorize common coin combinations—DDN, QN, QD, QDN

*Addition and Subtraction facts- encourage your child to commit these facts to memory.



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