Third & Fourth Grade Language Arts

In order to enhance your child's reading and writing as an upper elementary student, encourage him/her to read daily. Also, expose your child to a variety of texts, such as fiction stories, non-fiction texts, poems, and current event articles.
When reading, encourage your child to use a variety of reading strategies such as:
   *Picture Walking or Making Predictions (Make a smart guess about what's going to happen next.)
   *Clarifying (Looking closer when something is confusing.)
   *Visualizing (Imagine what is happening in the book is happening in your mind.  Create a picture in your mind!)
   *Questioning (Asking questions, before, during, and after reading.)
   *Making Connections (Connect what you are reading to something else in your life, the world, or another text you have read.)
   *Summarizing/Stopping & Retelling (Retelling or summarizing important events or facts in a text during and after reading.) 
   *Using Prior Knowledge (Using what you already know to help you better understand a text.)
To help your child become a stronger writer, always encourage him/her to add detail or cite evidence from the text to support an open-ended response.   In addition, suggest a pre-writing graphic organizer if he/she is having difficulty getting ideas organized or needs to brainstorm/generate ideas for writing.  Finally, always remind him/her to proofread at the end of the writing process for proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling.  
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