• Health History

    Health Physical Development History Form...

    Parents/guardians of new registrants in the Scotch Plains-Fanwood Public Schools are required to complete the health history form.

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  • Asthma Treatment Plan

    Please click on the link to access the Asthma Treatment Plan prepared by The Pediatric/Adult Asthma Coalition of New Jersey.  This asthma action plan meets NJ Law N.J.S.A. 18A:40-12.8 (Physician's Orders), and the District's Request for Self-Administration of Medication.

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  • NJ Family Care (Click on link under description)

    Please click on the link below for information on NJ Family Care, a low cost or no cost health insurance program offered by the State of New Jersey as a means of providing affordable health coverage for kids and certain low-income parents/guardians.  If you or your children are New Jersey residents and need more information on this program, please read through the pages of the NJ Family Care website to learn how to become a part of this program.


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  • Injuries/Prolonged Illness

    Injuries or Prolonged Illness...

    Please inform the school nurse if your child has suffered a serious injury or a prolonged illness.  A note from the attending physician outlining specific restrictions, if any, must be presented to the school nurse when your child returns to school. 

    This is particularly important in orthopedic injuries as limited physical mobility may restrict participation in school activities.

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  • New Student Medical Information for Registration

    Physical Examinations...

    New students must present :



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  • NJIIS (New Jersey Immunization Information System) (Click on link under description)

    New Jersey Immunization Information System (NJIIS)...

    Your child must meet State mandated immunization requirements in order to attend any licensed day care, preschool, public, parochial or private school in New Jersey.  Your healthcare provider supplies a record of these immunization to the schools which are maintained on a State-approved form (A45).  

    The New Jersey Immunization Information System has been developed to provide a confidential population-based electronic data base that collects and stores vaccination data for New Jersey residents.  New Jersey schools are assisting in this project by inputting data from the students' immunization records.  Participation in this program is free and will provide families with a permanent record of their child's immunizations, as well as reminders of the need for any additional doses.

    Your child's immunization record is confidential.  It is only available to you, the Health Department, and its related service agencies (your child's schools) and the health provider you choose.

    For further information please visit : http://njiis.nj.gov

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  • Administration of Epinephrine/Benadryl

    If your child has an allergy that may possibly require emergency medication at school please have the following form completed by your MD and returned to school by a parent or guardian, along with the prescribed medication.

    Please fill out this Allergy Google Form questionaire. 

    Allergy Survey



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  • Request for Administration of Medication

    Pupils requiring medication (Prescription and/or Over the Counter) during school hours must have The Request for Administration of Medication Form completed by a physician which identifies the diagnosis, the type of medication, the time(s) for administration, and the number of days that medication is to be administered. This form must be signed by the parents as well.

    Each prescription must be in a correctly labeled prescription bottle. If it is an Over the Counter medicine it must be in it's original bottle.  It is District policy that the parent/guardian or a responsible adult bring the medication to school.  Children must NOT transport the medication to or from school.

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  • Student Illness (When to keep your child home).

    Please keep me home if...

    When should I keep my child home from school?

    A student should be kept home from school if they have: 


    • A fever of greater than or equal to 100.0 F. Must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of a fever reducer such as Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
    • Any vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours.
    • Unexplained rash or draining sores. (Provide Physician's note upon return to school)
    • Taking antibiotics for less than a full 24 hours from any contagious illness such as: Strep Throat, Impetigo, Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis).  (Physician's note required to return to school)
    • A cold in its active stages, with secretions and or cough that can not be controlled.

    If your child show signs and symptoms of illness in school it will be necessary for them to be picked up.  Please keep all Emergency Contact Information up to date.

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