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    School nurses provide health education and counseling as needed and conduct a variety of screenings as mandated by the State of NJ.  Per  NJAC Chapter 16 6A:16 2.1-2.2, each student will be screened for height, weight, and blood pressure every school year.

    Students will be screened in 5th and 7th grade for scoliosis unless the student has submitted proof of a physical examination, or the parent requests that the student be exempt from the screening.

    A vision screening will be conducted on all 6th and 8th grade students and a hearing test will be conducted on all 7th grade students.

    With the exception of vision and hearing, all screenings will be conducted in collaboration with the physical education staff. 

    State guidelines are followed to monitor student immunization records and tuberculosis skin testing.  Mantoux skin testing for tuberculosis is currently required for some new students entering from specific countries. You will be contacted by the school nurse if your child requires testing.