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    Transitioning to Middle School

    The transition to middle school can be fun and exciting for many students.  It is normal for students and parents to feel a bit nervous, excited, happy, confused.  Students are not only making a change to a new school but they are also going through many physical and emotional changes that accompany adolescence.

    Middle school serves as the transition between elementary school and high school.  During this time we assist your student in learning the academic, social, and emotional skills used to promote success in their life.


    How to help your child make a smooth transition:

    • Reassure your child that it is okay to feel nervous.
    • Highlight the positive
      • More independence!
      • New opportunities: more clubs, new friends, social activities, lunch choices, etc.
      • Opportunity to learn new and cool subjects.
      • Reassure your child that middle school is a safe place with many caring adults to help them to succeed.



    Parent/Guardian- Tips for Success

    • Attend Back-to-School Night on September 19, 2019: Each teacher will review their class expectations and will explain their grading policy.  In addition, they will share the best way to get in contact with them and how parents can monitor their student’s progress.  
    • Check your student’s Agenda Book: Each student is provided a school planner free-of-charge.  Review the planner on a daily basis to monitor that assignments are being written down and completed.
    • Access the School Website (spfk12.org) on a regular basis: Many teachers have class websites that allow parents to monitor daily assignments and even grades.  In addition, the school website has up-to-date bulletin announcements.
    • Check grades frequently.  Grades can be tracked via the Parent Portal on Powerschool. Please call the counseling office if you need assistance with access.


    What should I do if my child is not achieving to his/her ability level?

      • Talk to your student.  Find out what they are struggling with and what steps they have taken to get help. 
      • Talk with the teacher.  Is the student struggling with tests, quizzes, homework, and/or behavior?  Ask about what interventions are necessary to improve the student’s achievement level within the class. Ask when extra help sessions may be available before or after school.
      • Sign your child up for Homework Club (if applicable).
      • Check out the various clubs offerings at Park.  Many students need to socialize, make new friends, and engage in fun activities. 
      • In grades 6-8 have your student take advantage of S.T.A.R. time in order to receive help, check-in with teachers, complete assignments.
      • At home, consider a routine check-in system for work completion and positive reinforcement.
     Homework Tip Links for Getting Started:
     Counseling Staff
     Grade 5 and 7 Counselor
    Christina Krasovsky
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 2210
    Grade 6 and 8 Counselor
    Jason Cross
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 2209
    Administrative Staff

     Grade 5 and 7 Secretary
    Joanne Boettcher
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 2206
    Grade 6 and 8  Secretary
    Miriam Moya
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 2207