The Counseling Staff recognizes that you may be feeling additional stress at this time.
      We are available to help.
    What's New:
    8th Grade Parent Night at SPFHS, presented by Dr. Heisey

    The Eighth Grade Parents’ Orientation Program will be offered as a Virtual event during the week of January 10, 2022.   The purpose of this program is to acquaint parents with the high school and its academic and extra-curricular  programs.  The building principals and curriculum supervisors will facilitate the presentation. This presentation is part of the orientation process aimed at helping parents become aware of the total school program and specific requirements prior to the time of choosing courses for next school year.  The link to the 8th Grade Parents’ Program will be sent via email (SwiftK12) during the week of January 10th. Please take time to view this program, which is an important step in the planning for the 2022-2023 school year. 

    Monday, November 29th: Team 8I High School Visitation
    Tuesday, November 30th: Team 8G High School Visitation
    Monday, October 25th: Project Adventure- Grade 7
    Week of October 4- 8 Respect Week: Daily Challenge
    Respect Week
    Thursday, September 23rd Back-To-School-Night (Virtual) Directions: How to access your child's sessions.
    Family Resources:

    Children's Mobile Response Telehealth (Video Conference) Information

    NJ Mobile Response

    NJ Children's System of Care Information 


    Family and Student Resources: 

    1-800 Hotlines

    State of New Jersey: Department of Children and Families



    1. Take a Mindful moment – Practice keeping your body still and quiet while listening to silence.
    2. Deep breathing – Utilize an inhale/exhale rhythm.  Bring yourself back into focus and no one else.
    3. Relaxation – Bring your energy to a nice, calm state. Use relaxing music or guided imagery.

    Inner Well 

    Student Tips for Success:

    Hold yourself accountable by doing your classwork and homework.  Grades Matter!

    Create a regular study space without noisy distractions. 

      • Is the television on?- Remember we can hear and see the television program.
      •  Are you using your cell phone?- Remember we can see and hear you using FaceTime, texting, and looking down at your phone.

    Be engaged

    • Participate!
    • Camera On!
    • Microphone On!
    • Showing your full face, not just random body appendages!

     Stay organized

     Attend Extra Help Sessions

    •  Have you taken advantage of the extra help opportunities that your teachers are offering?  Check with your teacher for the day and time. 

    Parent Tips for Success:

    Power school- Your Best Resource For:

    • Semester progress comments 
    • Class grades which are continuously available to monitor academics
    • Daily attendance records
      Please call the counseling office if you need any assistance with access.
    What should I do if my child is not achieving to his/her ability level?

    Talk to your student.  Find out what she/he/they are struggling with and what steps have been taken to receive help. 

    Email the teacher:

    • Does the struggle pertain to: completion of assignments, assessments, homework, and/or behavior? 
    • Ask what interventions may be necessary to improve the achievement level within the class?
    • Ask when extra help sessions may be available?

    Check out the various Park Club Offerings  Many students need to socialize, make new friends, and engage in activities. 

    In grades 6-8 S.T.A.R. is a critical time to receive help, check-in with teachers, and/or complete assignments.

    At home, consider a routine check-in system for work completion and positive reinforcement.

    Counseling Staff
    Grade 5 and 7 Counselor
    Christina Krasovsky
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 21601
    Grade 6 and 8 Counselor
    Jason Cross
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 21602
    Administrative Staff
    Grade 5 and 7 Secretary
    Miriam Moya
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 21005
    Grade 6 and 8  Secretary
    Cybil Brown
    (908) 322-4445 ext. 21006